User Evaluation Results

Jeffrey M. Rye (
Tue, 24 Feb 1998 13:37:12 -0600 (CST)

Date: Tue, 24 Feb 1998 13:37:12 -0600 (CST)
From: "Jeffrey M. Rye" <>
To: Quang-Tuyen Dang <>
Subject: User Evaluation Results
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Okay, I was going to dump my notes into the template, but I cannot figure
out what should go where. So instead, here they are.

The first part of the email gives some notes on each user. Below these
notes is a summary of problems found.

** User 1
- Tasks: 1, 2, 3
- Moderate Unix knowledge

Task 1:

Liked the context help.

Read all help, and all options on screen before deciding not to change
anything. (Project tab)

Selecting mailboxes worked as expected.

Lots of reading, before clicking generate. (Generate tab)

Task 2:

Switched back to Mail tab, and deleted mailbox from task 1. Here maybe
using "remove" instead of delete would be less scary.

Used browse, thought "open" was a strange name for the select button, but
knew that was the right choice.

After clicking add, selected mailbox by clicking on it in list.

Task 3:

Selected from Mail tab without any problem.

Archive tab caught him off guard.
1. Had trouble figuring out what setting to change for output
2. Lots of stuff to read.
3. Most options not clear. The selection box at right, the
directories, checkboxes at top.
4. Help was wrong for one of the directories.

After some reading, determined correct option...wasn't sure until
he went to the generate tab, and the output directory was what he

The ouput directory on the output tab did not have the full path, the
input directory did. He wasn't sure if the stuff would be right, but he
thought the beginning of the directory must be assumed.

** User 2
- Tasks: 1, 2, 4
- Not very Unix comfortable...directories not clear

Task 1:

Confused archive to mean mail archive.

Response was a worried, "What is this?"

Skipped by Mail tab (after looking at it), "Doesn't seem to be anything

Noticed context help.

Used browse, then typed into the entry box in the file selection dialog.

Returned to Mail tab. Selection is in entry box, not in list box. Thinks
it worked...Then clicked add button, Ok great.

Clicked to select.

Looked at Archive tab and decided not to mess with.

Went to generate, and was fine.

Task 2:

Went back to mailboxes and deleted mailbox...was worried that would be

Clicked on browse, then type into entry box...then released there was a
directory selection box at the top of the dialog. Note: Recognized from
Win 95.

Added mailbox, and generated without problem.

Task 4:

Went to mailboxes and deleted without problem.

Tried to add second mailbox, and received message, "Cannot add more than
one mailbox." Confusion ensued. Why listbox, if only one can be chosen?

Found project tab, and changed option.

Was disturbed that he had to go back to project to change that. He
though that it shouldn't ned changing. Or at least, the error should
mention where to go to eliminate problem.

Was irritated because he had to select each mailbox separately.

Then went back to project tab, and was going to change working directory.
Relized this was probably wrong, and went searching for output setting.

Went to generate tab, and tried to edit the label for the output

Eventually found Archive tab.

Lots of reading before determining that real output was the right choice.

Typed diretory into text box, and hit enter. That did nothing. Was it
changed properly?

Back to generate...okay, output directory changed...Great.

User concerns:

I don't think I am the right user

Confused by whole thing

Tasks not relate to me

Multiple select for mailboxes

Project tab ambiguous

Context help great, but I didn't use it much


Now for a summary of problems and possible solutions.


1. These options seldom get changed, the only change generally happens
when the user wants to add multiple mailboxes.

- Maybe these options shouldn't exist. Especially depending on how
problem 3 for MAIL TAB is handled.

2. Change working directory to change output? What does the working
directory refer to...does it need to be specified.

- This option is confusing. Maybe don't need. Or maybe hide in a
directories menu with other important directories.


1. "delete" sounds scary

- Maybe use remove instead

2. Would be nice to be able to select multiple mailboxes at a time

- Can this happen in the dialog box? If not, probably too hard to make
good change...would need to have file selection (directory navigating) on
table instead of through browse button.

3. When the wrong option is selected on Project, can only add one

- Maybe if the user starts selects a second mailbox, the option should
- Otherwise, change error message to tell user why they can select only
one mailbox...and where to go to make it possible to select more


1. Maybe this tab is for the mail archive.

- Labels could be changed to Mail Archive, and HTML Archive.

2. Too many options on this tab.

- Can some options be eliminated, or moved elsewhere.

3. Hard to find option to change.

- Try to eliminate similar options, unused options. Do we need ot have
all the selections on this page. Do we need to have a test output

4. Wasn't sure that typing in new output directory really changes things.

- As soon as generate is reached, output directory is obvious. Putting a
message in here to say, "output directory has been changed" is annoying
to most users.


1. Confusion about difference between test and real.

- Do we need to have a test generate option. It is our undo method, but
is it clear how it is to be used?

Can someone send me the email addresses for the group we worked with?