Re: new prototype code

David S. Cargo (
Fri, 20 Feb 1998 16:29:41 -0600

Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 16:29:41 -0600
From: (David S. Cargo)
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Re: new prototype code

Having not heard any objects, I will pare down the function of our
project. Things will simplify. What I intend to do is to alter
the pack commands so that certain objects are not put onto the screen.
This will let me use Brad's help strings in the next release.

So, there will be fewer questions on the project tab, a simpler archive
page, no archive list on the filters page, a different processing page,
and an execute button that will seem to do more. I also hope all the
status windows will work by then.

I think I can get this done even if we have to do testing Sunday.