re: filesel.tcl
18 Feb 98 15:00:11 MEZ

Date: 18 Feb 98 15:00:11 MEZ
Subject: re: filesel.tcl
Message-Id: <>

Hi David,

The -filetest arg I believe was intended to take a piece of code.
I don't know that I really ever used it beyond basic testing. If
you delve into the code, you see that $f would be the filename,
and you can use tkFS vars there. It is really a choppy piece of
code, but I never improved it because I don't use it personally
(I use the crippled, but platform-friendly, Tk file dialogs).

Original Text
From: C=DE/A=SMTP/DDA=ID/escargo(a), on 13.02.1998 19:32:
I was looking for a tk proc for selecting a directory. I looked
at filesel.tcl, as a possible starting place.

When I started testing it, I noticed that the optional argument
filetest is called, but it isn't passed any arguments. Is it
expected to use upvar or something to get at the internals of the
caller to find out about the filename?

I also wondered whether it should also have the complete path,
not just the name in the local directory.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts about this.

David S. Cargo (