new prototype code

David S. Cargo (
Sun, 15 Feb 98 22:20:27 CST

Date: Sun, 15 Feb 98 22:20:27 CST
From: (David S. Cargo)
Message-Id: <>
Subject: new prototype code

I have uploaded to a new batch
of code. Things that you will find different:

On the project page, the browse button still doesn't work, but your
working directory will get loaded into the entry field.

When you click on the radiobuttons and check boxes, you will notice
that tabs for filters and processing go gray or black as needed.

On the filters page, if the tab is gray, all the widgets are disabled.
If the tab is black, all the widgets are enabled, and you can define
filters now. If you try to define filters with illegal dates or missing
entry values, you will get dialog boxes that complain.

On the processing page, the option boxes have been replaced by small
scroll boxes. (tk_optionMenu doesn't like option lists that are
empty, so I had to change in order to get other things to work.)

The filters list on the processing page is has the same content as
the filters list on the filters page.

Most of the other stuff is still the same.

Pieces that are conspicuously missing: directory browser, mailbox
browser, ways of creating archives, subject browser, date browser.

For sample data, I think I'll just pick one of my mailboxes of class
mail. That should be something that does everything in our task list.