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Fri, 13 Feb 1998 11:03:01 -0600

Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 11:03:01 -0600
From: (David S. Cargo)
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Subject: Re: progress and suggested changes

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> Subject: Re: progress and suggested changes
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> David,
> I like the thoughts on the filter tab. The more flexibility we can
> give the filters the better off we will be.
> I also had a thought about our working directory. It seems to me that
> we need to have a create option. If the directory the user wants is not
> already in existence, they should be able to create it. There are two
> ways to do least.
> 1. The user can go into browse, and (depending on the way the
> selection box works) type in a new directory, or browse around, and then
> type in a new directory. In this case, the directory would be passed
> back to the main program, which would see that it doesn't already exist,
> and ask if we want to create it. I understand that this flow of events
> may not be exactly how Tk would do it, but you understand the idea.

This in fact is what I expect we will need to do. We even need to verify
that we have permission to create the directory, and that the directory
was created correctly.
> 2. Otherwise, we could have a create button, which brings up a dialog
> box, where we create the directory.

I think people are probably more accustomed to 1.

> Oh, I have a third idea.
> 3. If we don't care that each project has its own working directory,
> we can just use the wokrking directory for the program (uh oh, maybe this
> is just a Windows thing).

It's not required that each project has its own working directory, but
it makes the opportunities for confusion much lower. I would probably
have the default working directory be a subdirectory of the current
directory named after the project.
> Okay summary time, we may want to allow the user to create a directory
> for the working directory. How? One of the above ways might work, or
> other.
> I was going to email everyone this morning, when I got to the TA
> office, but you beat me to it David. I was going to see if we had
> scenarios, or whatever was necessary for our group walkthrough. (That is
> what we need to do for next week, right?)
> I may or may not check my email this afternoon, it depends on whether or
> not I am near a computer.
> Later gents, Jeff