Re: progress and suggested changes

Jeffrey M. Rye (
Fri, 13 Feb 1998 10:31:40 -0600 (CST)

Date: Fri, 13 Feb 1998 10:31:40 -0600 (CST)
From: "Jeffrey M. Rye" <>
To: "David S. Cargo" <>
Subject: Re: progress and suggested changes
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I like the thoughts on the filter tab. The more flexibility we can
give the filters the better off we will be.
I also had a thought about our working directory. It seems to me that
we need to have a create option. If the directory the user wants is not
already in existence, they should be able to create it. There are two
ways to do least.

1. The user can go into browse, and (depending on the way the
selection box works) type in a new directory, or browse around, and then
type in a new directory. In this case, the directory would be passed
back to the main program, which would see that it doesn't already exist,
and ask if we want to create it. I understand that this flow of events
may not be exactly how Tk would do it, but you understand the idea.

2. Otherwise, we could have a create button, which brings up a dialog
box, where we create the directory.

Oh, I have a third idea.

3. If we don't care that each project has its own working directory,
we can just use the wokrking directory for the program (uh oh, maybe this
is just a Windows thing).

Okay summary time, we may want to allow the user to create a directory
for the working directory. How? One of the above ways might work, or
I was going to email everyone this morning, when I got to the TA
office, but you beat me to it David. I was going to see if we had
scenarios, or whatever was necessary for our group walkthrough. (That is
what we need to do for next week, right?)

I may or may not check my email this afternoon, it depends on whether or
not I am near a computer.

Later gents, Jeff