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Wed, 11 Feb 1998 13:14:28 -0600

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Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 13:14:28 -0600
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Subject: Re: prototype

I would think we have enough code done for a VERY REASONABLE prototype and
we need to do the explanation and descriptions so the TA can have a clue.
I'm assuming that we (or, more I) would need to work on it between class
and the TA event.

David, I'd imagine if you have work this afternoon a code freeze isn't a
bad Idea. Then we can get the rest up to that level.

>This message is sufficiently important that I want to make sure
>Quang sees it right away.
>> David: Can I capture the windows with the current tabs? They look too
>> good to ignore. :-)
>One question that comes up here: How close do we want different
>pieces to resemble each other?
>I was goig to ask if there was an opportunity for me to work on the
>code after class. If there was, than I can implement some of the
>suggestions. That would also mean that Quang couldn't do a screen
>capture until after I was done working on the code. I don't know
>how long that would take him.
>I don't want to go without dinner (in my case, medically it's a bad
>idea). In theory, if somebody could (with money I give them), buy
>a sandwich (or bagel or whatever) and drink for me, I could keep
>coding until just before class.
>If we work backward, at class we want to have scenarios, a prototype,
>and some documentation. The scenarios are tied to the prototype.
>At some point before class we need a code freeze so that there is
>enough time to make the scenarios consistent with the code. Do we
>have an estimate for how much time that is?
>How do we get the code to where the TA can run it?
>I won't have time to make any changes before class. I can probably read
>e-mail before I leave for class, but work is keeping me away from my
>desk for now.
>So, you guys can tell me what to do. Work after class or not. Work
>through dinner time or not.
>If you can reach agreement, that would be wonderful. Otherwise, Quang
>is probably the one who should decide.

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