Re: Initial proposal

Jeffrey M. Rye (
Wed, 21 Jan 1998 11:07:10 -0600 (CST)

Okay, I realize that I recommended a lot of suggestions. I just copied
the html source to my computer, and am in the process of making the
editing changes myself.

To see my changes (underway), go to:

I will send an email when I am done editing it. If everyone thinks my
changes are good, I will print it plenty of copies to bring to class


On Wed, 21 Jan 1998, Jeffrey M. Rye wrote:

> Wow,
> David and Quang have had quite the discussion going this morning. I
> am writing to toss in my two cents.
> In the second paragraph of the project description, Quang writes, "A
> single subject...contain the following (this depends on the design):",
> and then has a list. This can be condensed somewhat. I think that the
> list is good, and we should keep the information in the list. But we
> want to be careful not to include too much information about
> implementation...we just want to say what the program will do.
> We could take out the two sentences noted above, and the list. It seems
> to me that they are implmentation details. Howewver, I really like the
> sentence below the list, "These HTML...and author." If we changed this
> sentence to be, "The email messages in the resulting HTML files will be
> indexed by date, thread, subject, and author."
> This cuts the first section down to two paragraphs, and keeps it focused
> on what the program should do, without defining the implementation.
> I would like to suggest more extensive changes to the User section. I
> like the list, and I think we should keep it in the final copy. The
> first sentence is a run-on sentence. We should end the sentence right
> before, "...for example,...". The second part of that sentence should
> not be part of the paragraph, it should be part of the list. The
> sentence contained in () is wrong, we should not have an entire sentence
> in (). I think that the idea is good though (that is, specifying one
> possible task). Maybe change that sentence to read something like, "A
> project manager could use this program to record the progress of a
> project in HTML form, using different pages for different stages of the
> project." This sentence is somewhat cumbersome, but it illustrates one
> example task. Also, maybe this sentence should be placed after the
> sentence, "Users of the...made public." Note, I don't think we need the,
> "...especially on..."
> Before introducing the list, I think we should say something about the
> typical computer skills of our users, and the platforms they use. Then
> we should introduce the list with a statement, "Some typical user might
> be:" And then put the list in.
> I think the existing applications section looks fine.
> If you have questions on these suggestions, drop me an email.
> Jeff