Group Decision Maker

The Group Decision Maker would be used by groups of two or more people to reach different types of decisions. A referee would establish the membership of each group, the issues to be decided, and the types of decisions to be reached. At any time, any members of a group could review past decisions and their outcomes. The referee could create new groups; add, change, or delete members from a group; review past decisions and their outcomes; and establish new issues to be decided along with their associated methods for determining their outcomes.

The users of this project would be any group of people working together over a span of time that wanted to systematically make and record the results of their decisions. They could be people involved in

Some types of decisions require more than two people to be meaningful.

A search performed through the Alta Vista search engine uncovered no software for performing this type of function. This may be because most groups make decisions in a face-to-face manner, recording decisions by hand. In the future where much work would be done by geographically dispersed people communicating over a network, a tool that helps groups make decisions will become more useful.
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