Pizza Manager

The Pizza Manager would be used by the operator of a pizza restaurant to manage call-in pizza orders. It would track customers and their orders. It could track customers' locations and estimated travel times so that they could be told when they could expect delivery or when they should leave to pick up their pizzas. It would schedule the pizza ovens so that it could estimate completion time for the pizzas. It would keep track of what kinds of pizza customers have ordered and estimate the amount of ingredients consumed. It could be used to generate mailing lists from promotional mailings. The uses of this project would be pizza business owners who are at least somewhat computer literate, and who operate a small business with lots of take out or delivery orders. No software with these capabilities is known to me. Since it integrates several aspects of management and promotion of a pizza business, it would combine several pieces of use to a pizza business.
Last modified: Sun Jan 18 20:30:40 CST 1998