Prices quoted by: Swedish Auto Parts.
OEM Pricing (New):
Complete headlight(H4-bulbs) E-marked 130 USD/ea
Turn signals white/yellow E-marked 81 USD/ea
Trim list over the headlamps 32 USD/ea

AfterMarket Pricing (New):
Complete headlights (H4-bulbs) E-marked 81 USD/ea
Turn signals E-marked  39 USD/ea
If You want to have the glass only instead for the white/yellow one (E-marked) in white (clear) 8 USD/ea
+ the trim as above for 32 USD/ea

Used Pricing (OEM):
Used Lamps with attatched directionals (with trim) 114.50 USD per side
OR 229 USD complete (w/o shipping).

Use the parts request form off of their main web page to request current pricing/ shipping information.


I recieved the invoice from Anders yesterday afternoon (27 Feb), and it broke down like this:

Part#300091 Headlamps Complete 240 e-code (used) 2 piece 114.59 ea Total 229.00.

With shipping ($69.00) the total was 298.00 USD.

He's hoping to have credit card ordering enabled in the next week or so, so future ordering will be easier. Payment is currently being made via bank transfer.

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