All This Buttoning And Unbuttoning (collaboration with Zazie:


                                    Return To The Shining And Professional Hour
                                                                           On the beachhead of Harvard in late afternoon
                                                                     she mends the diamond sappho that had fallen
                                                                     around the base of culture’s apple tree
                                                                     in which Death had been trapped
                                                                     her hair done up in foil watching
                                                                     late afternoon’s delicate engineer
                                                                     pry open the inexhaustible handbags
                                                                     exuded by the females
                                                                     who make their nests beneath the sundials
                                                                     during a long pause
                                                                     in a soldier’s conversation
                                                                    with a chrysanthemum bank
                                                                    about her intelligent mouth
                                                                    influenced by Fourier’s quaint notion
                                                                    of the ideal sliding window.