Attitude Chart




          Internal Tactic 1: This Occasional Self
Away with reluctance
At the end of the front of the weeks of the
I think
I think
Nature is handling
Posh perpetuations
Yours faithfully
In later qualms
I never met
Appearances of “never met”
I never said
“Perhaps significant
I suppose”
Without the sense
I listen
Only to mention
Out out
Into the unlike
Terraced everywhere.

Internal Tactic 2: Melancholia In Harmony
I get very sad.
We should “do” more.
This side begins
“like” brown rice
“like brown” rice.
The difference is slight
So I get “sad”.
Mozart dubbing
“The Lamentation Elite.”
Debilitating controls
hamper his failure
with revolving screws.
“I do not agree,”
I said.
I wanted “the” money -
of course -
As opposed to
the “money”
of course.
In the same spot
I once loitered
a few laughing phones
in glorious taint
stones across puddles.
Of them
Had not been able to
Not merely object admirers.
Adolescent bug.

Internal Tactic 3: The Nursing Complex
Drown the watch
beautifully Brazilian
And that depravichy
ear-splitting guileless
(and background)
(in public simplicity)
It was this time
black blondes
Years fatter
(a pink powdered bus stop)
Be born rich
for the first two days
Sort out
pretty sick-beds

Internal Tactic 4: We Are Tolerated
We are tolerated.
We get "tolerated".
We get “got”.
We talk of toleration
Which is tolerated.
We are tolerant.
We accelerate.
We get "accelerated".
We talk of acceleration
As it accelerates
Our toleration does not accelerate.
Acceleration can be excellent.
No more lessons.
No less morons.
We are tolerated.
We like liberation.
We are "liberators".
We talk of liberation.
As we liberate
We seek admiration
For our toleration.
While tolerating liberation
We are not "admired."
We buy admiration.
Not an admirable admiration.
No more running.
Just raw money.
We are tolerated.
Just barely
And barely that.
We are tolerated
Because we're fat.
Not likely.
We are unliked.
We are unlike toleration.
We are admired.
We admire toleration
And we tolerate admiration.
The wheels. The bike.
Two parts of the admiration process.
We are not the wheels.
We are not the bike.