Finite Element Analysis

Mac FEA software

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FreeFEM - Freeware
LAPfea and LAPCAD Modeller - General purpose software.
Multiframe - Analysis of framed structures. Live demo at MacSciTech ftp site
MacSap - General purpose program. Live demo at MacSciTech ftp site.
QUICK 'n SIMPLE - Shareware CFD program
COSMOS/M - General purpose software
Finite Element Analysis Resources -Great shareware and link list
Versaterm PRO - Great communications and Tektronix 4105/7 emulation for remote running

Other platforms

Finite element mesh generation
Finite element Modelling Software
NASA LARC Computational Structures Branch
NCSA Home Page
K&K Associates - TAK III -Thermophysical data; SINDA vendor
Cray Research -Commercial FEA software listing
- Computational Mechanics finite element software directory
Kaskade Modelling Software
Finite Element Modeling Continuous Improvement


For MacHead Engineers

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Apple Computer Science and Engineering - Product listings Mac advantages
Engineering success stories with the Mac - Eat your hearts out, Wintel persons
Working Model - Rigid body dynamics software. Live demo
Ashlar Vellum - great CAD software. Live demo
MiniCAD - 2D/3D CAD general purpose package
Touch 3-D - Unfolding software; CAD surface generation. Live demo
Casting Design - Casting solidification and mold design analysis. Live demo
MuPAD - Technical math shareware
MacSciTech Users Association - Linked to Mac technical software ftp site
MacSciTech Consultant Network - People who walk the walk
Software for Macintosh : Science - Small archive; growing
Mac Stuff for Engineers - Good EE software listing; links to other sources

For all of us

Cadalyst - On-line magazine
CAENET - On-line magazine
COSMIC - NASA's Software Technology Transfer Center
NACA Technical Report Server - Great collection. Downloads and bibliography.
Langley Technical Report Server - More NASA reports.
NASA Information Services via World Wide Web-General NASA resources
MechEng Software ftp Archive - Primo source of engineering software
ASME Web Site
Civil Commotion: - Civil engineering site
Civil Engineering web resources
The Engineers' Club
Netlib Numerical Analysis Software library - First class numerical analysis software source
A guide to mathematics resources
Engineering and Technology resources
Safety Related Internet Resources
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Engineering
Mechanics Information
Directory of Corps of Engineers software
Structural Engineers Association of California

Product Directories for Designers

IndustryNet Online
123Link Home
Search Systems and Sources of Technical Information
Thomas Register


ASM International Home Page
American Iron and Steel Institute
Reynolds Metals
AlloyTech Inc.
GE Plastics
Carpenter Technology
Visualizations in Materials Science
The Welding Institute - Welding Links
Edison Welding Institute. - Searchable report archive
The Welding Engineer's Weld Pool
CenBASE Materials
METALogic Home Page
Steel Mill Products

Mac Sites

Apple Corporate Sites

Go Mac
Apple Computer Science and Engineering
Apple Small Business Home Page
Third Party Products

Developer Home pages

Claris software
Aladdin Systems
Farallon Home Page
Supra InfoBahn
Fog City Software - Internet and other interesting utilities

Apple Info and Gossip

Go Mac!Guy Kawasaki's EvangeList - Do you believe in Macintosh?
Cult of Macintosh
MacWare Revue
The Well Connected Mac
Macintosh Resource page - News & references
The Macintosh Software Catalog
Hypercard Homepage

Shareware for non-gearheads

Pagespinner - Good web page layout program
ShareDraw -Drawing program; great for sketches


Ziff-Davis MacUserWeb
Powell's Technical Books
Great Lakes Press
Wiley - Numerical Methods
CASTI Publishing Inc. - Engineering standards
Science and Engineering Network News - Internet resources for engineers
On-line technical bookstore


Gateway to Scotland
Window-to-Russia Home Page
Archaeology Online - Coptic Monastery Dig
Cornish Pages
Airline Tickets and Reservations


Bodleian Library
Project Aldus
Old English Pages
The Dilbert Zone
Political Humor in a liberal vein
Wright Researchers
UK+Ireland Genealogy
Digital Libraries and Xerox
Ambrosia Cafe

Reference; general information

The Mother-of-all BBS
Minnesota Gopher
FedWorld Home Page
Monster FTPSite List
Additional CD-ROM Databases
c|net - Software reviews; gossip


Deja News Research Service

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