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blue block Amateur Satellite Observers of Southeast Virginia (USA)
blue block CelesTrak WWW
blue block Dallas Remote Imaging Group
blue block HearSat Enthusiasts involved in tracking satellites by monitoring their radio signals
blue block Mike McCants' Satellite Tracking Web Pages
blue block NASA/GSFC ORBITAL DATA BULLETIN BOARD@ GSFC-MOB(Code 513) sans 'Plain Brown Envelope'
blue block SeeSat-L Home Page Internet mailing list for visual satellite observers
blue block Sat ND Sat News Digest (pay site)
blue block Visual Satellite Observer's Home Page mantained by Neil Clifford and Bart De Pontieu

blue block Prediction Forms and tables

blue block Earth Satellite Ephemeris Service operational ???
blue block Heavens Above Satellite Predictions @ German Space Ops Center
blue block Heaven-Above Satellite Predictions - For St Paul, MN @ German Space Ops Center
blue block SatPasses Home Page ISS Pass info for 111 US/Canada cities @ Bester Tracking Sys.
blue block ISS over Mpls @ Bester Tracking Sys

blue blockSoftware

blue block J-TRACK @ Liftoff/MSFC (Needs Java)
blue block J-Track 3D @ Liftoff/MSFC realtime 500+ satellites in 3D See the rings of Earth (Needs Java) and mega CPU
blue block J-Pass @ Liftoff/MSFC (Needs Java)
blue block You can get software to track satellites from FTP.AMSAT.ORG or or
blue block Sofware list by Visual Satellite Observer's Home Page
blue block STSORBIT Plus by David H.Ransom jr.
blue block Tag's Broadcasting Service home of the The Satellite's Encyclopedia
blue block satelite.txt (50k) Descriptions of some of the visual satellites

blue block Getting your own Satellite Elements

blue block Note: You MAY have to remove the top 4 and bottom 3 lines of HTML Code from the files from GSFC-MOB (Code 513).
blue block Latest Celestrak lists
blue block Latest McCant's "ALL" element set (~530K). 8300+ Elements
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