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Continue to grow in technical and personal skills by helping the company and their customers solve their technical problems.

Work Experience:
Web Consultant:

November 1999 - Current

Radio City Inc., Mounds View, MN

E-Commerce Web developer for a brick and mortar store that is the largest dealer of Amateur Radio equipment in MN. Working in the late pre-and post rollout phases, developing processes, procedures and documentation, in a Mac and PC environment. Training staff in the care and feeding of their web store. Also developed content for their web store writing descriptions of items and events and gathering images of items via digital cameras. Tested for cross browser compatibility.

Site Support Engineer

Feb 2000 - May 2001

Logicon: Minneapolis/Farmington, MN

Supported deployment of the Center TRACON Automation System (CTAS) at the Minneapolis Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC) field-site in Farmington, MN. CTAS is a suite of tools jointly developed by the FAA and NASA. Primary focus of the position was to provide systems engineering support of the research and development system in an operational environment. Responsibilities included additional support of field site activities.

Provided frontline support for the CTAS tools. The staff starts up, configures, monitors and troubleshoots in a Sun Solaris environment operational system, Checks out new releases of the adaptation from the central development site Problems/enhancements from the users or operations staff are documented and reported to the central site for fixing as required. The staff is visible with the end users and FAA CTAS staff. CTAS Systems engineers also help develop troubleshooting tests and solve problems related to FAA computer interface, CTAS hardware, software and adaptation issues.

System Admin:

December 1998 - November 1999

CDXC Corporation, St Paul, MN

LAN and Web administrator for a small startup hi-tech company. Managing Mac, NT and Unix work stations on SGI and SUN servers. Setup workstations for new employees. Administer web and e-mail systems. Helped facilitate voice and data communications de-install and re-install during recent office move. Trouble shoot client hardware and system problems via phone support and site visits.

Technical Analyst:

June 1993 - August 1998

USWest Communications Services Inc., Minneapolis, MN

US West Communications Services Inc., Minneapolis, MN

Assisted in the setup and operations of !nteract Services which became USWEST.NET, to setup a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 14 state support operation center. Trained new Tier I and Tier II technicians who provided telephone and e-mail support to Dialup, ISDN, DSL, T1, T3, frame relay and web hosting customers. Increasing USWEST.NET technicians experience in technical customer support with strong problem solving skills. Helped setup management, administration, monitoring and testing of platform systems and networks in the Microsoft 3.1, NT 95 and 98, Unix, Linux and Mac OS 7, 8, and Novell NetWare environments. I used my experience in LAN/WAN data communications transport, including Frame relay, T1, T3, Ethernet, token ring, 10/100base-T, xDSL and async dialup, TCP/IP and IPX protocols, combined with my strong background in hardware support of terminal servers, modems, modem banks, CSU/DSUs, PCs, and Macs, CAT5 wiring, routers and hubs, helped solve the company's and their customers problems of the day. Developed World Wide Web pages and Lotus Notes views and forms to help internal communications and support. Also wrote process flows, methods and procedures documentation and utility programs.


Technical Support:

March 1992 - June 1993

Zeos International, Minneapolis, MN

Assisted customers in trouble shooting software and hardware problems. Supported entire product line from Pocket PCs to network servers with various software packages including Microsoft Windows 3.1, Lotus products and MS DOS 6.0. This company was later bought by Micron Technology, Inc. after I left.

Network Analyst/Consultant:

June 1985 - March 1992

Data Space Systems, Minneapolis, MN

Setup a Novel network with Word Perfect Office. Trained network administrator and staff for a medium sized law firm. This included both hardware and software setup.

Systems Analyst/Consultant:

Sept 1983 - current

Minnesota Space Frontier Society, Minneapolis, MN

Gave hands on multimedia presentations to K-12 school groups, home schools, science fiction conventions and civic groups on various space topics, Journey Through the Solar System, Toys in Space, Views of Earth from Space. Soviet Space Activities, Return to the Moon and Onto Mars, L-5 Space Colonies and many others. Helped staff and then trained and managed staff for space education displays in planetariums, malls, theater lobbies and conventions. Director of MN Spaceweek. Helped coordinate display materials, manage display sites and trained and scheduled staffing. Helped staff NASA International Space Station display at MN State fair assisting visitors with hands on computer simulation displays. Created panel displays for Space Shuttle flights for local planetarium lobby, STS- 26 to current, occasionally with realtime audio. Staff writer/photographer for L-5 chapter newsletter L-5 Points. Later moved up to editor/publisher of Downrange. Wrote a syndicated monthly news and commentary column on Soviet Space Activity - Mirwatch. Co-authored article for Final Frontier magazine. Became board member, assistant director then executive director of organization. Elected regional board member of National Space Society. Campaigned for Presidential Candidate John Glenn. Managed creation, production and sales of novelty slogan buttons and ID badges as a fund raising activity. Judge for Twin Cities Regional Science fair. Awarded certificates and prizes for outstanding space related projects. Videographer / producer at many Space Development conferences for cable access programs and chapter use. Events Coordinator, managed guest speakers and site locations for meetings. Established and managed an electronic bulletin board system for the easy exchange of information and electronic mail for the Space development community. Set up a desk top publishing system for a non-profit organization's daily operations and monthly newsletter. Set up a presentation computer graphics system for the organization. Currently developing World Wide Web pages.

Education :

College: B.A. in Computer Science, University of North Dakota, A.A. in Electrical Engineering, University of ND, Williston Center. Also aviation and meteorology classes with private pilot and glider ratings. Currently working on Microsoft Certified Professional System Engineer and SUN Training.

Programming Languages :

C, FORTRAN, PL-1, PL/M, PLM-51, BASIC, HTML, CGI, JAVASCRIPT, COBOL, PASCAL, UNIX, IBM JCL, CP/CMS, VSPC/CLIST, MTM/CSS, Assembler (Intel 8051, 8080, 8085, 8088,80X86, IBM 370, Motorola 68000, 6800, 6502), PostScript.

Software/OS packages:

Corel Draw, WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, Lotus Notes, Netscape, Ventura Publisher, Lotus 123, Excel, Pagemaker, WordPerfect Office/Groupwise, RBBS, Softswitch EMX, cc:Mail, MS Mail, MHS Mail, Quick Mail, POP3 mail, sendmail, Apache, BIND, Novel Netware 3.12, Microsoft NT 3.51,4, Windows 3.1, 95, 98, ME and NextStep.

Equipment Familiarity :

PC/x86, IBM PS/2, Apple ][, Macintosh, Power PC, G3, SGI O2, Onyx, Challenge DM, Origin 200, Sun Ultra 5,10,60, Perkin Elmer 8/32 & 7/32, DEC PDP 11/44, 10, 8E, H-P 150, 300, IBM 370/158, Data General 4000, HP-2/3/4/5 Laser Printers, Xerox Splash Printers, Lucent Partner ACS PBX System.

References : Available upon request.

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