I'm not the only person named John Gregory,  just the one with the web page you are currently reading. Here are some others web pages, in no particular order except grouped a little by apparent similarities. Yes, it's Ego Surfing. But I guess my ego is small enough since haven't updated this in quite a while. 8v)

  1. John Gregory, probably the most famous J.G., a soccer coach in the UK. There really are too many links to list, so I won't even try.
  2. John Gregory, another arguably famous one, author of "A Father's Legacy To His Daughters" dated MDCCLXXIV (should eyebrows be raised at his comment about "fuch domeftic intercourfe"?). Another copy can be found here - I guess it's a popular literary work.
  3. John Gregory, an Irish poet.
  4. John Gregory, a poet from Massachusetts. Here is another poem by him.
  5. John Gregory, the Poet-Shoemaker of Bristol. (This link is dead, such a pity, I hate to completely remove this item from the list.
  6. John Gregory, a lawyer in Manchester UK.
  7. John Gregory, a doughnut store proprietor in Pennsylvania who has run afoul of some laws but appears to have been cleared of all charges thank goodness. Perhaps he obtained some assistance from a lawyer namesake listed above.
  8. John Gregory, a member of the building trades in England.
  9. John Gregory, a recently deceased resident of South Carolina.
  10. John Gregory, a deceased sculptor.
  11. John Gregory, a mathematics instructor at Southern Illinois University.
  12. John Gregory, a Christian rock singer from London England.
  13. John Gregory, an advertising executive in Detroit.
  14. John Gregory, a math teacher in Florida.
  15. John Gregory, a heart physician in New Jersey.
  16. John Gregory, a writer on medical ethics. Here's another by him.
  17. John Gregory, a professor of English in Texas.
  18. John Gregory, a deceased professor of mathematics in England.
  19. John Gregory, a chemistry professor in Alabama.
  20. John Gregory, an announcer at a radio station in Louisville.
  21. John Gregory, a TV newscaster at KABC.
  22. John Gregory, CEO of King Pharmaceuticals.
  23. John Gregory, a priest in Quebec.
  24. John Gregory, a travel expert.
  25. John Gregory, a photographer in Colorado.
  26. John Gregory, a wrestler in college.
  27. John Gregory, a composer/bandleader (look under the "soundtracks" menu). I think it's the same guy who shows up as conductor for South Pacific.
  28. John Gregory, a Professor of Communications at Pasadena City College.
  29. John Gregory, a very friendly resident of Mablethorpe on the eastern coast of England who is happy to assist visitors to the area.
  30. John Gregory, a bird enthusiast who has been to the South Seas.
  31. John Gregory, a bank director in Australia.
  32. John Gregory, a deceased professor of geology from Australia.
  33. John Gregory, a ship captain in New Zealand, regarded as the best captain in the country for broadbill and all other billfish species.
  34. John Gregory, an Army expert on airfield lighting, from Nebraska.
  35. John Gregory, a romantic from Minneapolis (small world!).

And various genealogical sites:
some dating back to the 14th century
a 14th century Englishman
a 17th century person, probably an immigrant to North America
an 18th century New Jersey resident
an 18th century Virginia resident
a 19th century Virginia resident
an 18th century Scottish writer
a 19th century Indiana resident
another late-19th century Indiana resident
a 19th century South Carolina resident
a 19th century Colorado gold miner. This may be a better link.
a 19th century Tasmanian criminal
a 19th century Missouri settler
an early 20th century Alabama and Oklahoma resident

There are lots and lots of web pages, beyond just the ones listed here, that mention persons by this name among genealogy lists. I don't have a great deal of interest in the subject, so I draw the line at following every such link I run across.

There are many people with first name John and middle name Gregory. Any web search will turn up John Gregory Betancourt, and John Gregory Dunne, for instance. And I don't give a hoot about any of them. 8v)

Oh, and hey - there is this doofus^H^H^H^H^H^H entrepreneur who thinks he'll make money by selling one of us his domain name. HA HA HA HA HA! Let's wait and see if any of my collective alter egos embarrasses the rest of us by paying up. If one of us does (probably not one of the ones listed above who passed away 100 years ago!), be sure to let him know he's being held up to ridicule! I mean, get a life!
(Later note: as of October 2000, this link suddenly seems to be a Pro-Life page with no connection to anyone by the name John Gregory as far as I can tell. What's up with that? Anyway, the doofus I was talking about was the one selling the page, not necessarily this Pro-Life writer. Just to be totally PC about the whole thing.)
(May 2001 update: it's back to being up for sale.)

Do you know of someone I've missed? Let me know! ash bury "at" sky point "dot" com.

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