John W. Gregory
I work for IBM ® in the CPLEX ® team. IBM ILOG CPLEX is a high-performance mathematical programming (optimization) software tool. I work as an instructional designer for CPLEX. This probably goes without saying, but: I do not speak for IBM, and IBM does not speak for me. Click here for a bit more information about me, including my resume (why? I dunno, since I'm not looking for work). Contact me at ash bury "at" sky point "dot" com.

The Out Of Shape Fifty Seven Year Old's Guide To Hiking North Lake Tahoe

Some pictures from the Tahoe Rim Trail.

Web pages of people who have the same name as me

My humble contributions to the The Internet Oracle

Pictures of Julia: 1 2 Prom 2005: A B C D

A translation of this web page to German then to French and back to English, courtesy of babelfish. Très amusant.

My old web projects (most of which are now maintained (and improved upon!) by others):

Here is a link to INFORMS, The Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences, to which I belong.

Because I like helping my company, here are some links that all go to the same place: Optimization Software from ILOG | Linear Programming Software from ILOG | Mixed Integer Programming Software from ILOG | MIP Software from ILOG | LP Software from ILOG | optimization tools from ILOG | resource allocation from ILOG | simplex algorithm from ILOG | quadratic programming from ILOG | constraint programming from ILOG |

Silly map of what little of the world I have been to:

create your own visited countries map or vertaling Duits Nederlands

I've been to most of the US:

create your own personalized map of the USA or check out ourCalifornia travel guide

My wife's celebrity look-alikes according to I'm not quite convinced about their methods. :) Not my look-alikes despite the title, duh.


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