DIDAME - 1832

NELSON - 1835

ELI - 1837

JAMES - 1839

FRANCIS - 1841

ABEL - 1843

DANIEL - 1846

ELIJAH - 1849

SARAH - 1851

MALINDA - 1853

Elijah Pennington

Elijah Pennington was born in 1814 in Lecher County, KY.   He was the son of John Pennington.  Elijah later moved to Lawrence County, KY, and raised his family there.  Elijah died on 18 December 1878 in Elliott County. 


Elijah was married to Sarah Elizabeth Caudill.  Sarah was born in Letcher County, KY in 1814 and died on 30 April 1881.  (There is no record of the deaths of Elijah or Sarah in Vital Statistics of Elliott County, KY.)


Didame Pennington

Didame Pennington was born on 9 (or 27) November 1832 in Lawrence County, KY.  She was married to Andrew Jackson Mabry on 8 April 1856, which is recorded in the Lawrence County Census of the Pennington Family.  She died on 5 February 1917 (or 4 February 1916).  She is buried beside her husband in the Mabry Cemetery on Laurel Creek in Elliott County, KY.