Tips and Applications Information

Hand Held Voice

1. Battery Life

To get the best battery life in the Hand Held Voice, there are a few general tips...

Use the sleep feature. Set the unit to go to sleep in 30 seconds or 1 minute if it does not cause confusion.

Always use 4 brand new batteries when you replace them. Resist the temptation to find batteries in a drawer. Mixing old batteries with new can not only shorten the battery life, it can actually damage your unit. Always use the same type batteries (don't ever mix battery type). We recommend Alkaline batteries only.

Set the volume to a slightly lower setting if you don't need full volume. Increasing the volume significantly increases the battery drain while the unit is playing sound.

Turn the unit off if storing it in the case or while transporting it in a suitcase, etc. If the keys are accidentally activated by pressure through the carrying case, the unit may wake up and waste battery power. You don't normally need to worry about this when simply carrying the unit around during the day.

We have tested both Energizer and Duracell Long life Alkaline batteries and found they do indeed last longer in the Hand Held Voice than regular alkaline batteries. These batteries have the ability to keep delivering their full power until more fully discharged than regular alkaline batteries. They won't last longer in all devices, but do seem to offer extra life in the Hand Held Voice.



When setting up auditory scanning on the ActionVoice, plan an extra key as a "stop." Record a prompt with "stop scanning" and them a silent message about 1/2 second long. When the user picks this prompt, the unit will play the silent message and then stop scanning.

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