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SkyPoint Communications is a full service Internet Service Provider.

Open Transport TCP Configuration

  • 1.Select "PPP". At the top of the window, select "Mac PPP" in the "Connect via" pop-up menu if you will be using MacPPP. Select "PPP" if you will be using Open Transport PPP.


  • 2.Select the "Configure" option. Select Manually in the "Configure" option menu.
  • 3.Enter the Subnet mask. In the "Subnet Mask" box, enter
  • 4.Enter the Router address. In the "Router Address" box, enter
  • 5.Enter the Name server address. In the "Name Server addr." box, enter
  • 6.Enter the Secondary Name server address. In the "Name Server addr." box, enter
  • 7.Enter the Search Domain. In the "Search domains" box, enter
  • 8.Select the "Configure" option. Select Using PPP in the "Configure" option menu.
  • 9.Restart your computer.


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